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A bit about Oh Susanna’s Leather…

Nestled in Bruce WI, Gateway to the Blue Hills, Oh Susanna’s Leather remains the epitomy of fine craftsmanship. With more than three decades of experience in the art of leather work combined with high quality products, Oh Susanna’s Leather has long been enjoyed and applauded by thousands.

Hides are carefully selected for each product.  Cowhide is a natural product and not always perfect.  There are always slight flaws and imperfections in the hides.  We try to assemble products with these imperfections in obscure places.  If you see one of these imperfections it is not a sign of poor quality but more a conformation of the natural product.

Oh Susanna’s rich, diverse background in the trade extends to a history that includes many awards in juried shows throughout Wisconsin, and recognition of Merit at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, one of the largest festivals of its kind in America. Hand Made Leather Sporrans are Susanna’s specialty. Check them out.

Quality and customer satisfaction are what counts at Oh Susanna’s. During the normal lifetime of an Oh Susanna’s product, if on occasion a rivet or piece of hardware needs replacement, the item can be shipped to us and we will most gladly take care of the problem.

Oh Susanna’s Leather travels throughout the tri-state area.
You may visit us at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival (mid-August through September) in the Twin Cities area at shop #440-441.

You can also visit us at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, in Kenosha Wisconsin. Show dates are early July through Labor Day weekend. Our booth number is 138-140 Guild Hall Row N.